Treatment for Irritation After Pearl Laser

I had the Pearl Laser treatment 3 days ago, and my face (especially the area around my mouth) has red bumps and/or rash, and my skin looks irritated. I also have honey comb imprints all over my face, darker in some areas than others, and have developed this itch along with red, blotchy spots. Are these normal post-Pearl Laser? What can I do to improve my skin's condition?

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What's normal 3 Days Post Pearl Treatment

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Greetings Simone~

It is quite normal to have redness, dryness and irritation 3 days after your Pearl.  The honeycomb pattern is the 'footprint' of where the laser treated your skin and is also very normal to see the first few days.  You skin, if it hasn't already, will continue to get dry, get tighter feeling and darker and then just as you're really wondering what is happening it will begin to peel (generally around the mouth and nose first and continue to move laterally toward your ears and hairline).  DO NOT pick or peel the skin as it begins to come off.  Let it happen on its own.  If it's itchy, go rinse your face gently with water.  Some of the loose bits of skin will come off as you wash.  You can also put 1 teaspoon of white vinegar in 2 cups of cool water and apply compresses to the face to relieve redness and irritation.   Apply moisturizer(like Cetaphil) or Aquaphor to the skin. 

When in doubt, always, always call the office where you had the treatment done.  They can guide you through your recovery and make sure you heal with the best possible results.

Good luck!

Dr. Grant Stevens            

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