Skin graft 3 1/2 weeks post-MOHS, looks like big scab.

I had BCC removed by MOHS with inner ear graft. Kept wound moist and cleansed 2x daily. On suture removal, there was some central necrosis, but the edges looked "viable". I was to cont w/dressings for 1 wk more. The wound was very gooey/pale yellow w/an odor so 5 days later I went back & was told no infection, keep up the dressings for another week & given antibiotics just in case. It remained goopy-looking. 3.5 weeks post-op, there's a tall scab on the site. Is this normal? Will it fall off?

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Necrosis of graft

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it is not uncommon for a skin graft to become hemorrhagic or scabbed over when it becomes necrotic and does not grow into the recipient area. This should be shown to your Mohs surgeon. 

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