Skin Keeps Getting Dry and Its Forming Lines and Scars What Should I Do?

3 weeks ago i got a 70% glycolic peel and now everytime i take a shower my skin gets really dry and tight,and i use ponds dry cream on my face and it doesnt really work so what should i do?

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Dry skin after glycolic peel

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Thank you for your question about your glyoolic peel.

  • A 70% glycolic peel can damage thin skin and go too deep. Did you see scabs and crusts after your peel?
  • Are you using skin products like glycolics, tretinion? Stop them for now.
  • Avoid shower water beating on your skin. Wash gently with a cloth. Put on a little Ponds or other bland cream. Wear sun block.
  • Go back to the doctor who treated you or supervised your treatment. 
  • If s/he can't help, I suggest you see a Board Certified Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes.

Dryness after glycolic peels

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Glycolic peels may intially make your skin a little dry and flaky, but this should not persist for three weeks.  Make sure you are using gentle emollients and not any other products that could potentially exacerbate the dryness.  Be sure to follow up with your provider who performed the peel.

Ritu Saini, MD - Account Suspended
New York Dermatologic Surgeon

Recovery from Glycolic Peel

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Glycolic peels are general mild and you really should not have symptoms like you describe three weeks after the treatment.  I would suggest visiting your doctor where you had the peel to examine your face.  Also, look for other contributing factors such as a new skin cream or product that you have started recently?


Good luck.

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