Skin Discolored One Year After Fraxel Restore

I had fraxel restore treatment about a year ago with a well respected physician. I've noticed that my skin is more ruddy/pinkish than it was previously. I have lines of demarcation as well, which are hard to cover with makeup. My question is what can I do to resolve the ruddiness and demarcation lines? Will this eventually go away on its own, or is my skin discoloration permanent? I don't go out in the sun and keep myself covered as much as possible.

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Fraxel Laser

If your skin is not too dark or have had minimal sun exposure, you may respond to a VBEAM or IPL procedure.  Otherwise,  the skin is still healing and the outer keratin layer of the skin is still thin.

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Fraxel and discoloration

The demarcation lines would be improved by a fading cream such as hydroquinone, microdermabrasion or light chemical peels.  You must continue to avoid the sun.  When the pigmentation has cleared, consider IPL or pulsed dye laser to treat the pinkness.  Please see an experienced dermatologist for treatment.

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