What Happens to Skin After Collagen Injection Dissipates?

If the collagen fillers are not permanent then what happens to the skin after the collagen? Does the skin remains smooth or does the scars return?

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What happens after fillers such as collagen dissipate

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There is good evidence that as hyaluronic acid fillers are absorbed, they are replaced by natural collagen enhancing the long lasting effect.    It is believed that when injectable collagen is broken down and reabsorbed that the skin returns back to baseline. 

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Scars Return

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The Collagen dissipates as your enzymes fracture it and other cells (macrophages) gobble it up.

Scar correction does last longer than wrinkle correction since the collagen ( or hyaluronic acid) is not under the additional stress of movement. However, after awhile the scar returns to its pre-injection state.

The newer porcine-based collagen, Evolence, lasts considerably longer than either the human based collagen ( Cosmoderm) or bovine based collagen ( Zyderm). The FDA has recently allowed the company ( Johnson & Johnson) to claim that their filler lasts a year.

Arnold R. Oppenheim, MD
Virginia Beach Dermatologist

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