Skin Care After Chemical Peel or Laser Resurfacing

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Good skin care requires attention, perseverance and protection

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There is no pat or simple answer to optimal skin care, especially if it is healing. There are several common skin types, based on genetics, ethnic heritage, sun sensitivity, and age, to name a few factors. Skin type will always affect healing and skin care. Some skin is more sensitive to lasers and peels, while some is more resistant. Darker skin types are more prone to hyperpigmentation, for example, and following some lasers or deep peels, this can be an issue.

Good skin care requires attention and perseverance, and protection from excessive sun and other harmful factors such as cigarette smoke. There are some easy to use and inexpensive daily skin care products that can compliment good eating habits, for optimal skin maintenance.

When skin has been wounded and stressed, for example, by an aggressive laser or deep chemical peel, then extra care is required. Bland emollients provide hydration, and sometimes mild cortisone creams or lotions can reduce inflammation. It is important to refrain from using topicals that irritate skin for several weeks so as not to add insult to injury. As skin heals, then other topicals can be restarted one at a time.

Some lasers and some lighter peels do not wound the skin, and therefore this skin requires little in the way of extra care. But the more aggressive therapies, which aim to produce a new layer of healing skin, do indeed require extra care and diligence.

The deeper the laser or peel goes, then the more healing time is required. Of course, the deeper the extent of the lasers or peels, then results typically are more dramatic (if not too deep!)

It is crucial to discuss these details with your surgeon before treatment, so you can prepare your skin before therapy is even begun. And be fully prepared to assist your skin through the healing process after the procedure. Details should be discussed with your surgeon.

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Skin Care After Chemical Peel or Laser

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I like to use Biafine during the immediate recovery period ie., one week. I have the patients apply it liberally all over all day long. It expedites the healing process. After the first week I have patientts start Anthelios SX 15 every morning. After one month I start them on either Prevage MD for daily use or some combination treatment from PCA skin care line.


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