Is Skin Bruising Indicative of the Severity of Bleeding During Operation?

Hi, I had revision BA for CC 14 days ago. I'm wondering whether my very small amount of bruising (only a quarter size on the lower inside breast area) could be an indication of the amount of bleeding that occurred during the operation. As bleeding might be a factor in developing cc, I was hoping to ease my mind that it won't be an issue now. It's been 15+ years since my original operation, but i do recall there being more bruising back then. I'm especially worried as PS went subglandular again.

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Bruising and breasts

If you ahve mild bruising then it is unlikely that you had significant blood pooling in the pocket.  Good luck.

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Is Skin Bruising Indicative of the Severity of Bleeding During Operation

A small localized area of bruise may as likely be the result of local anesthetic injection as anything from surgery. A large amount of bruising may be suggestive of bleeding during or after surgery, but I wouldn't be concerned about the amount you are describing.

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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Bruising is not indicator of bleeding during operation but may indirectly reveal any bleeding after the operation.

Any operations associated with at least modestly. Breast augmentation is almost a bloodless procedure. Bruising is an indirect indicator of any using after the procedure. As long as there is no hematoma there are no long-term consequences.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
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