Are My IPL Treatments Being Administered Correctly?

Im currently having IPL and Im not sure she is using the machine correctly. I've had it done before and would feel a flick from the machine. She is pulling it away from the skin when it beeps and then flashes . I thought it would be more effective left on the skin? Is there more advanced machines out there where you dont need to leave it on the skin? I've paid alot of money and want to know that it isn't being wasted and have no results at the end.

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Make certain you are getting treatments from an experienced doctor using the best IPL device available.

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To achieve excellent result with IPL, you need to have treatments performed with the best IPL devices available and with an experienced expert skin specialty physician and/or closely supervised paramedical professional who is supervised by an expert physician.  In recent years, laser companies have produced IPL's for the medispa market.  In my opinion, many of these IPL's are "Toy IPl's" produced to be safely operated by inexperience people.  These IPL's are not as effective as the best IPL's on the market.

 The best IPL ever made is the VascuLight Elite IPL.  The Lumenis One IPL and newer IPL's made by Lumenis are also very good.  Palomar has a Max G IPL that is also pretty good.  Many of the other IPL's are under powered and do not have high-pulse energy and a short-pulse duration necessary to effectively treat light sun freckles and small vessels.  So if you want a great result, find a doctor who is an expert and who uses the best equipment.  A board certified dermatologist who specializes in aesthetic medicine is your best bet.

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