Skin Around Mouth, Cheek Areas Flopped Since Second Baby? Only 35. (photo)

My skin around my mouth, and lower cheek area doesn't seem as firm since having my second baby. I'm only 35 so don't think I am ready for a facelift, but at the same time, I have a large square face so am apprehensive about adding any volume (when I was younger I always suited being slimmer). I just wondered if anything non surgical actually works... To help this area? I have heard mesotherapy makes the skin look more "moist" I'm not sure if this will help? Any thoughts most welcome, thank you!

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A skin tightening procedure may be a good nonsurgical option

The best way to learn about your options when you have a problem is to have a consultation with a physician experienced in aesthetics, such as a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. That's the best way to get a tailored plan just for you. Here are my thoughts about what a 35 year old may need to consider for a face that doesn't seem as firm as it used to be:

  • 35 does seem too young for a face lift. Surgery can't be undone, and you don't want to look "done" at this young an age.
  • Volume loss in the face, in general, and not just in the lower face where the apparent sagging seems to be is already occurring in many 35 year olds. Sculptra may be the answer to rebalancing your face to your more youthful balance and supporting your skin that is losing its support from aging. A physician experienced in Sculptra can help you decide if that is logical for you.
  • Skin gets more lax due to time passing by, age, genetics, and weight fluctuations. There has been a tremendous improvement in nonsurgical skin tightening procedures recently due to innovations in technology. 

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Facial Skin Tightening

I can sympathize with you as I am a mother myself. Our skin does tend to lose the elasticity that we once had when we were 18! For this type of problem, I would recommend deep heating treatments with devices such as Thermage, Ulthera, or Pelleve. Thes tightening devices deliver heat deep into the dermis of our skin to increase the collagen and elastin, giving you the look you desire. Thermage is a more tolerable treatment. The other two are a little more uncomfortable and often require sedatives/anesthetics. These one-time procedures take approximately 1 to 1.5 hours and produce dramatic results. We are even doing a procedure called E-Matrix in our office. It is a radiofrequency device that also delivers energy into the skin to increase the collagen and elastin and also improves skin pores, texture, and tone. It is the most comprehensive skin treatment. We are coupling Thermage with three treatments of Emtarix for the best results. Hope this helps!

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