Skeletal Augmentation Instead of Implants

Is it possible to move the zygomatic bone, and orbital rim instead of having implants? Its seems that most doctors do not talk about implants moving or being removed after 10-15 years, for this reason i was wondering if its possible to move the bones instead by osteotomy?

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You are asking for trouble.

I am certain you can find a craniofacial surgeon who will do a "cosmetic" midface-advacement for you.  I have had the opportunity to see many individuals after this type of work.  Perhaps I only see the ones that have an issue.  Craniofacial surgery is miraculous if you have a true craniofacial deformity.  However, I personally believe that it is not appropriate as a primary cosmetic surgery.  I would also caution you regarding cheek implants.  It is very important that you take off the rose colored glasses and understand what these surgeries can and can't do.  You need to see honest, ethical surgeons who are willing to tell you the truth rather than what you want to hear.  Good luck in this.

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Facial implants

The risk benefit ratio in moving the bones vs. placing implants for cosmetic reasons clearly lies in favor of implants. It is different when dealing with craniofacial deforimities or when the required implant would be very large. In such cases the risk benefit ratio shifts the other way. I don't know where you got your implants having to be removed or shifting after 10-15 years statistic. Incorporated implants do not shift and in the absence of shifting or infection there is no need to ever remove a facial implant unless the patient no longer wants the implant look.

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