How Many Sizes Can I Go Down with the Breast Reduction and is It Safe for my Age?

I'm a 15 year old (Turning 16 next month) 5'1 girl that weighs 136 lbs and has size 36H breasts. I have pendulous breasts that have given me problems with my posture, my confidence, my breathing, and in every aspect of my life. I cannot exercise or engage in any sports because when I do my breasts hurt me. I also cannot find any clothes that fit me correctly. Also, where I live I cannot seem to find any bras my size so I have to order them I would like to go down to a D or DD... Is it possible?

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Breast reduction - is it safe at my age?

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Thank you for your question!  I hope that these answers help in making your decision.  You suffer from juvenile hypertrophy of the breasts, which is typically treated by breast reduction.  It is not uncommon to have the symptoms that you describe such as neck/back/shoulder pain as well as infections/rashes and shoulder grooving, especially in teenagers once her breasts begin to fully develop.  The decision of whether to proceed and the timing will ultimately be yours.

Once one begins to have the symptoms that you state above, consideration for a surgical procedure to ameliorate your symptoms, assist with self esteem, and allow you to get back to physical activities in your youth should be done.  Given your symptoms,  you would be an ideal candidate.  You must first discuss with your parents and pediatrician, and then consulting with a plastic surgeon for evaluation and examination to assist you in deciding if this would be the right thing for you.  Your surgeon will also go over what to expect as well as the risks and benefits of the procedure - it is a safe procedure.  Overall, your symptoms should be ameliorated almost immediately and hopefully give you more self confidence and an increased activity level.  Your breasts may still continue to grow over the next several years, but it is certainly reasonable to consider this at this age with the issues that you are having.  I hope that this helps!  Good luck with your decision!

Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Reduction for Young Patients

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Thank you for your question.

I would recommend visiting with well experienced, board certified plastic surgeons (along with one of your parents) to have an examination and receive the best advice.  I recommend that you have the breast reduction surgery once you know that your breasts have stopped growing.

This is one of the most patient pleasing operations I do - patients are very happy afterwards that their neck, back and shoulder pain is alleviated.

Best wishes.

Breast Reduction Can Be Performed In Mid-teens

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IT certainly is possible and relatively safe (if you are otherwise healthy) to undergo a breast reduction at your age.  It sounds as if you would be a good candidate.  The only caveat is that you should probably delay the surgery if your breasts are still "growing".

John Whitt, MD (retired)
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

Breast reduction and age

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If you have stopped growing and have reached adult size,etc.. then a consult with a plastic surgeon of course with your parents' permission might be a good idea.  In most cases, your request to reduce to a "D" or "DD" seems reasonable. Of course an exam is necessary.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Is breast reduction safe in a young girl?

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Yes, breast reduction is safe in any age girl that suffers from back pain and other issues related to large breasts. I perform lots of reductions and patients see immediate relief of their symptoms. I would encourage you to seek a well qualified Plastic Surgeon ASAP and discuss your goals.

Jonathan Weiler, MD
Baton Rouge Plastic Surgeon
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Have a reduction

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What a huge problem for such a small adolescent.  I would suggest that you see an endocrinologist to be sure the large size of your breasts is not some type of hormonal imbalance.  Then you should see a board certified plastic surgeon to find out about the

operation and help you decide about the best size for you.  I tell my patients to go to several

plastic surgery web sites to look at the before and after photos to get an idea of what you 

want for yourself.  You must know about the consequences of scars, possibly not being able to breast feed and not know what effect pregnancy will have on your new breasts.

E. Anthony Musarra II, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Breast reduction at age 15

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An H cup can be very painful at any age, but especially at 15. Breast reduction is safe at any age, subject to medical clearance. However, unless you can establish scoliosis or a similar condition, it is currently the position of most insurance companies that the procedure is not covered on women under age 18. Call your insurance company for clarification and see a board certified plastic surgeon in consultation but it is important for you and your parents to be aware that this may be completely out of pocket under the terms of their insurance contract.

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