Have Muscle Pain After Breast Augmentation, What Revision Options do I have?

Hello. When I was 22, I had a subpectoral augmentation with cohesive silicone implants. At the time I was a 34 a and went to a nice 34 c. Since then I have had three children and breastfed them all. I am now a 36 d. I do weigh about 15 pound more than pre children. I am getting sick of muscle pain that occurs in the breast from straining or from sleeping wrong. I like having a full chest but certainly do not need this much breast. I'm wondering just how small I will be? It was 410mm/360grams.

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Pain after breast augmentation

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Very hard to provide an answer of any substance without seeing you.  Are the capsules soft? Have the implants migrated?  Pain is not a good indication for surgery of the breast unless an underlying reason can  be identified.  It may be that with age, weight, and childbearing changes the implants are now pulling on old scar and causing discomfort.  Does wearing a bra help? Is it worse after exercise?  Have you tried muscle relaxants?


See a board certified plastic surgeon to sort this all out.

Breast implant revision

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It is unclear why you have muscle pain, it could be like you said, it may be strain.  A revision to go smaller certainly could be possible,  but and exam in person is critical.  Good luck.

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New York Plastic Surgeon
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