What Size is This Woman Who Had a Lift? Hoping for Similar Outcome (photo)

Wondering if this outcome is possible for me? I was not this saggy preBA but have had 350 cc implants for 4 years. I'm a natural 32a/b. Thank you.


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Communicating Breast Surgery Goals?

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Thank you for the question and pictures.

I would suggest that you not be concerned about exactly what breast  size this photograph demonstrates. When you meet with well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons, utilize this photograph to demonstrate your goals. Ask if it is possible,  given your current situation, whether  a similar result  is achievable in your case.  Only after direct examination  of your breasts will it be possible to give you precise advice.

Best wishes.

What Size is This Woman Who Had a Lift? Hoping for Similar Outcome

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The photos are of another patient NOT you. So I agree totally with Dr Pousti. Best to either post your photos and/or see in person a boarded PS in your area. 

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