I Am 5'2, 112lbs, Age 48, With Three Children. Currently A Small 34b/c, Won't 425cc Silicone Be Too Large For Me?

I am 5'2, 112 pounds, 48 y/o. I have had three children and am very athletic. I had a breast lift 20 years ago.I currently wear a size 34 b to 34c bra but I do not "fill up" the top of the bra. I have lost volume in my breasts and sagging. I am told I dont need another lift due to my nipple placement just implants and this will lift my breasts. i am petite and want to look athletic but told by two md's that i need at least 425cc silicone to fill my skin where volume is lost. I want to look athletic. Wont this be too large for what I want?

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Suitable implant size for frame

Taking into consideration your current breast size, anatomy, and the shape you are looking to achieve, I would recommend a possible breast lift in addition to augmentation.  The breast lift procedure would  remove some excess skin, lift the breasts, as well as give you a nice shape without being too full or heavy.  Implant sizes in the 300cc range should be the most suitable for you.

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