Right Size Saline Breast Implants for Athletic Body?

10 yrs. ago, I had 390cc Implants. I am an athletic 140 lbs 5'4" female. I want small athletic breasts. I'm debating moderate 225cc or 250cc Saline under the muscle. I prefer to err on the side off small. My PS feels 250cc are better. I fear that's too big? What are your thoughts?

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Breast implant sizing

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There is not much difference between 225cc and 250cc implants. Both are quite conservatively sized. It would help you to look at the actual implant sizers to get an idea of what size they are and how little difference there is between these two sizes.

You may need a lift

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There is nominal difference between these 2 and shouldn't mean a diffenrent bra size. As important in down-sizing by almost a half in volume will be what will happen with your tissues and will you need some form of a lift procedure. This is an important question to discuss with your plastic surgeon. Best of luck.

Dr Edwards

10 Percent larger

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There is very little difference in size between the 225cc and the 250cc saline implant. Just 10%. The difference between your current implant and the 250cc VS. the 225cc, is a 37% and 43% reduction respectively. The difference in dimensions between the 250cc and the 225cc are; 4 millimeters in width and just one millimeter in projection.

Even though the differences are minimal, you should go with your gut feeling. The only reason not to is if your plastic surgeon says you need that little extra volume to prevent sagging.

Good luck to you.

Leslie H. Stevens, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

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