Hi There :) Not Sure on Size and Profile?

i had a baby 3yrs ago and would love to have nice full breast again.. im 5'2 47kg.. i am currently a small c and would love to be a full c/small d cup.. my ps suggested 345cc round rough texture implant not sure what profile.. i would love to achieve a nice full look without that horrible round look at the top.. what would you suggest.. my final consult is next week :)

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What size implant to choose to go from a c cup to a small d.

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Your breast Base size allows you to have a wide range of implants. To go from a C cup to a large C or a small D, you only need about 200 cc. If you don't want a lot of projection and because tour breast is wide, you can choose a low profile implant that gives you a wider dimension for the desired volume. Discuss this with you plastic surgeon.

Not Sure on Size and Profile

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Can not add more than what the previous expert posters have stated, especially Drs Rand & Aldea. My choice for you based on the frontal photo is 350 to 400 cc HP smooth round. I also must comment on your N/A asymmetry, it could be the photo, but make sure you discuss this with your chosen PS so there are no post operative surprises. 

How to choose a breast implant: Class "101"

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Here are the basic guidelines for success in my opinion for choosing a breast implant to achieve close to your desired result.  The other answers all touch on these points but I will put them in a list form.

1. First, decide on the "look" you want to achieve.  This is especially as it relates to the upper inner pole of the breast.  Implants are made with the intent of giving a natural upper pole (moderate profile), a modestly extra full upper pole (moderate plus) and a fuller, less natural upper pole (high profile). Forget using the words like "fullness", "perky", "natural" as these all mean different things to different people.  Foregt cup sizes too and forget what your friends have (they always talk in cc's but usually don't know their implant profile) because each person is totally different. 

2. This determines the profile of the implant that will likely be the best for you.  Each profile can make you look either small or large depending on how wide your chest wall is and how wide the implant needs to be to fit you, so "big" or "small" can happen with any profile.  But the "look" in the upper pole is what is different between the profile choices.

3. Now, be examined by an experienced plastic surgeon, not by their nurse or assistant.  Determine the proper base width of your chest wall.  This determines the proper width of the implant whose profile matches the "look" you want.  If you were choosing a shoe you would first pick a style (implant profile) then get one that fits your foot (implant width).  The volume of the implant simply follows the chosen profile and width so volume (the cc's) is the least important number here but the one patients most easily latch on to.

4. Now take into consideration the rest of what your body brings to the table ie. good or poor shape and volume, good tone or droopiness, symmetry or asymmetry, high breast creases or low ones, full muscles or not, thin tissue coverage or thick etc and make some appropriate modifications to the plan based on these issues.  Here is where you really need an experienced surgeon whose results in numerous photos you like!!  Can't emphasize this enough!!  Computers can't factor these issues in as well as an experienced doctor.

5. Finally, try on implant sizers in a sports bra and use ones that are about 50cc SMALLER in the garment to mimic what the real implant's volume will potentially look like when placed under the muscle where most all should be placed.

6. Finally, realize that all patients are different and all tissues are different and that no plastic surgeon or computer, no matter how experienced they are, can give you an exact prediction of the result but done properly, it can get very close.  If you just can't get to a point where you give the final control over to the doctor, consider a postoperatively adjustable saline implant where for months after surgery, you can control the size and look to your exact satisfaction.

7. Give yourself 8-12 weeks after surgery before worrying about the result as it takes time to settle and relax.  Be kind to yourself and remember all that went into choosing the right implant for you and be patient.  Then go forward and enjoy your new look.

Not Sure on Breast Implant Size and Profile?

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Unlike many women seeking Breast Augmentation, you have sufficient breast tissue to allow the use of a lot of different implants. The MOST important factor is selecting a breast implant which would look attractive is picking one whose dimensions allow it to be covered by the available breast tissue. This radically lowers the visibility of implant folds and ripples. In your case, you will have a very wide choice of implants to choose from.

While there are many ways to pick implants none of them are as accurate of having a computerized analysis or a virtual breast augmentation. Placing implants in a bra may overestimate the postoperative breast appearance while using rice bags etc, in my opinion, often misses the mark. Surgeons who use the Canfield VECTRA X3 system can create an accurate 3D model of your chest and then simulate how you may look with ANY implant on the market. Using such technology you could see what you may look like with a variety of breast implants before setting foot in the OR. You may want to check their website to see which surgeons offer the VECTRA X3 in your area.

Good Luck.

Dr/ Peter A Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Avoiding the unnatural look in breast augmentation

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There are various ways to obtain an unnatural result following breast augmentation. One is using implants that are too large for your tissues...with increasing size, once the lower part of your breast fills out to its maximum, then the upper part of the breast becomes more and more filled and bulgy.  Patients with looser tissues can accomodate larger implants and still look natural, patients with tighter tissues will start to look unnatural past a certain point.  Another way of obtaining an unnatural result is to place implants above the muscle when the patient does not have enough tissue thickness to camouflage the implant edges and contours.  Saline implants need more tissue thickness to hide them, gel implants need less, but slender patients with thinner tissues look more natural with implants under the muscle. 

We help patients choose their implant size by having them try on gel sizers in a stretchy bra and choose the size that, when added to their breast volume, gives them the breast mound size they are comfortable with.  We choose the implant profile by measuring the width of their chest wall and of their breast and choosing the profile for their chosen implant size that best matches the patient's dimensions...for a given size, implants that are too narrow or too wide are not ideal.  We also show patients drawings or photos of different breast contours and ask patients what contour they are hoping to achieve...a very natural upper pole, more full, even fuller and less natural, etc.  If they are looking for a more natural upper pole, and yet have chosen a larger size implant and have tighter tissues, they give us permission to choose a smaller implant size during surgery if the one they chose is too tight and the upper pole is going to be bulgy and not in keeping with their declared preference.

It is difficult to tell from your photo whether your tissues are tighter or looser, and how well you would accomodate a 345cc implant in terms of maintaining a fuller but natural upper contour.  It might give you a bit more increase in size than you are looknig for.  It would be best to discuss your goals with your surgeon, and you could take in photos of breasts that look good to you, so that your surgeon knows just how "full" a breast contour you are aiming for.  Good luck!

How to determine breast implant SIZE and PROFILE

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Several factors go into deciding what breast implant size and profile is used to achieve the desired results.  The limits are what your body and tissue will be able to accommodate.   So based on the physical exam and measurements that are taken, a range of sizes are recommended that would not stress your tissues. 

To help decide on the profile, I like to ask my patients how they want their breasts to look...larger but natural or does she want to have a more obvious  augmented look?  For a natural look, the medium or moderate plus profile should be used.   For a more round appearance, a high profile implant is better at achieving that because it provides more breast projection for the same base diameter, or breast width.

I hope that helps you decide.  Good luck:)

Dimensional Breast Augmentation

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You appear to have a great breast contour currently. If you would like to avoid the unnatural look, I suggest finding a surgeon who takes measurements of your current body contour to figure out the best size and implant shape for you. This technique, also known as Dimensional Breast Augmentation, is a formula that has consistently achieved the most natural–looking result for my patients and prevents a disproportionate look. It is based on the measurements of your original, pre-surgery body contour and your desired outcome. It considers such variables as your height, weight, breast width, breast height, distance between nipple and breast fold, as well as your desired cup size to determine the most suitable implant size, type and specific surgical technique. It has improved the rate of satisfaction considerably for my patients. As a result, more information about your body would be required to determine the best size and implant shape for you.  

Implant Selection Process

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In order to make an accurate size recommendation, I would need to assess your chest wall and breast mound measurements and characteristics.  Unfortunately, there is not a general rule of thumb or objective criteria to implant selection.
Your plastic surgeon will perform several measurements of your chest wall and breast anatomy and determine a range of implants that both fit your chest wall and reach your desired goals.
The next step is to try on this range of implants in the office with your doctor.   The key to this success is showing your surgeon the body proportion you desire with a bra sizer and allowing your surgeon to guide you to the right implant.   It will be much easier to communicate in implant cc's than cup size when determining the appropriate implant for you.
I wish you a safe recovery and fantastic result.
Dr. Gill

Paul S. Gill, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Breast Implant Size

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If you are looking for a "natural" appearance, and wish to avoid the unnatural round look of the upper breast, I would recommend a smallish implant in the 250-300 cc range.  You should discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon, and ask to try on implants of various sizes at your next visit.  Keep in mind that implants placed in your bra on top of your breast will appear larger than when they are actually implanted.  Therefore, choose an implant slightly larger than the one you are happy with when you try it on.  Good luck!

Andrew P. Giacobbe, MD
Buffalo Plastic Surgeon

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