Which Size Should I Go with to Get my Desired Look?

The 304cc sizers are PERFECTLY the size I want my end result to be, I would be upset if smaller. Do I get a bigger implant for the lost 10%? I also am concerned about having a large gap between my breasts. I've been reccommended the 339cc for the gap and 10% difference yet I feel the sizers are too big. Would 325cc be better? I'm currently a 32A with a bit of volume I'm bringing to the table. I wish to be a mid C or possibly close to a full C, definitely not a D. My diameter is 12cm, I believe.

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The 304cc implant is not likely to result in a C cup.

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Sight unseen it is impossible to advise you as to correct size implant to achieve your desired result of C to full C cup. However, a rule of thumb says that every 200cc will increase ones breast by a single cup size. Therefore, for you to go from an A to a C cup or two cup sizes up will require implants closer to 400ccs. Whether this size will actually work for you in a natural way will be a decision only your surgeon can make during surgery. As for the gap between your breasts this too is difficult to assess. The fact that your chest measures 32 gives me some hope that the implants will not sit too far apart.

Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Implant choice

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If the patients fill on a baggy test is within the range of what I think is appropriate, then often that is what I put in. 

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Breast augmenation by the numbers

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We hear this question frequently: which implant should I choose. There is quite a bit of skill and sometimes trial and error with sizers at the time of surgery to determine the best size for the look you wish for. We feel your surgeon should take full responsibility for the correct implant. You are correct in that sizers tried on are only a guess and the number is best ignored, and the 'look' is the goal.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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What Size to Choose

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I think your question is a good one and a common one.I utilize 3 dimensional imaging to show patients what a specific volume with a specific implant would look like in and out of clothes on their body. the visualization of the result along with sizers is a useful way for the patient to have an understanding of the result they hope to achieve.

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