Do I Have a Size Limitation with Implants, Due to Having Tubular Breasts and Narrow Chest Width?

At my consult , my PS said that I have tubular breasts (mild) and he recommended a Brazilian implant nuance style (between round and anatomical) 235 cc Xhp on the left and Hp on right. I was not happy with this as I wanted round fullness at top and a bigger size. He said that the maximum I can go with my breasts is 235 cc and would not go any bigger coz of a snoopy effect n double bubble. I am so unhappy with the size now they just look so pointy . What's the possibility of revising with a round?

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Size limitation with implants and a tubular breast

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Pre and post operative photographs would be helpful in order to advise you well. Sounds like the skin envelope is tight and the breast needs to be recontoured.

New York Plastic Surgeon

Implant size limited by narrow chest

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It's really tough when results do not meet your expectations. I feel for you; however, I humbly offer words of caution. If your plastic surgeon recommended not going over a size, I recommend considering this very carefully. Your breast tissues can only hold so much weight. This is different for everyone. Although it may be possible to go larger, this is not always advisable. 

Tubular breasts are challenging in the sense that constricting bands are present, restricting the breast from having a normal shape. There is also a limitation in the amount of skin. It is generally possible to get significant improvement with augmentation and release of these bands (sometimes combined with mastopexy or other reshaping), but it might not be possible to get the exact shape and size you want. Switching to a round implant is possible, but it may not have the effect you want. 

Please do not get the impression that I recommending that you "settle" with your current result. My point is that its really important for you to be informed about what is likely to give you the best possible result with the lowest risk of problems. You may find it helpful to get several opinions from board certified plastic surgeons before making any final decisions. 

Best wishes,

Michael Vennemeyer, MD


Pointy breasts after implants

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Without at least seeing pre and post-op photos it is impossible to answer this question well. Sorry

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Do I Have a Size Limitation with Implants, Due to Having Tubular Breasts and Narrow Chest Width?

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You do have size limitation, as does any patient. The limitations are guidelines, and can be exceeded in certain settings if the benefits in terms of matching patient expectation exceeds the predictable risks that are inherent with too large implants. 

It is really not possible to give any specific answer to your questions without at least some photos, preferable from both before and after your surgery. But really, I think your best bet would be to seek a second opinion from another plastic surgeon in your area.

Thanks, best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Tubular breasts

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Tubular breasts are a challenge to augmentation, but if you are willing to have additional operations (more than just one) I am sure a larger implant can be used. Many times to add additional volume a 2 stage procedure must be used that uses a tissue expander as well as release of the natural tissue,  and then a second operation for the implant placement. I would return to your plastic surgeon and ask if this is an option to go larger and possibly see another surgeon to confirm the plan before moving forward.

W. John Bull, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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