What Size Implants Would Be Best?

One breast is a small C while the other is an ok sized D

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Best Breast Implants for Uneven Breast Size

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If you're happy with your D cup breast, and want to get a breast implant for your C cup breast, then in general, you would need a breast implant about 100 cc.  This is variable, because of your personal breast size, skin laxity, rib cage measurements, how much your breasts sag or not, and other factors.


In the operating room, more precision is used.  You would probably get a temporary breast implant in the operating room in the C cup breast, and then it would be inflated to matc the D cup size.  Then, once we know exactly how many cc's are needed to get a good match, the temporary breast implant is removed, and the permanent breast implant with the same volume is placed in the the C cup breast.


Best Wishes with your surgery!


San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

Different size implants, may need a lift if larger side is saggier

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You obviously need different sizes.  Frequently the side that is larger is also saggier and the nipple is lower on this side.  Is this the case?  If so, you might need to have a simultaneous breast lift.  I am presuming you want to be a full D cup size, with a small implant in your larger breast and a larger one in your smaller breast.  It is impossible to tell you the size without photos and seeing you in person.  It is still an art when it comes to implant size selection.  You are best advised to view photos of your surgeon's work, particularly in patients with breast size asymmetry.

Eric Swanson, MD
Kansas City Plastic Surgeon
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