What size butt implants would look natural on my body?

I'm a female, 5'4 and I weigh around 115lbs. I'm looking into getting butt implants but I was wondering which size would look the most natural on my body, but I also want that wow factor.

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One of the most important factors in creating the perfect derriere with implants is indeed selecting the right size AND shape. I have found the best way to assure this is to simply measure the actual dimensions of the patients buttock cheeks. With these anatomical measurements, I can select an implant that not only significantly augments the buttock but also supplies the correct 3-dimensional enhancement to look as real as possible. Therefore the only way for you to know what implant works best is to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon specializing in this procedure and have him/her take your measurements before selecting an implant and proceeding with surgery. Glad to help... @drryanstanton

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Intramuscular Buttock Implants

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Intramuscular buttock implants look the most natural because of the thick soft tissue cover. When it comes to intramuscular placement, the issue is size limitation of the implant. You can not just put in any size buttock implant in the intramuscular pocket. In someone of your small frame, buttock implant sizes of around 300cc is the biggest that can be safely placed.

Buttock Implants

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A good examination and evaluation of the body shape, and the buttocks dimensions would determine the size the shape of the buttock implant needed.
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Butt implants size

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Dear Ashton,
   Butt implants size selection is very personal. Many factors play a role in the selection of the size - culture, body size, comfort level with attention to the butts etc. There are different manufactures of implants. In my surgery center, the implants are made by AART. Their implants are made of semi solid silicone and their shapes come as round, oval round and oval bubble butt. The off the shelf omplants size varies from 190 cc to 565 cc. Larger implants can be ordered as custom made. The most popular implants in my practice are 565 cc oval round since they appear very natural and stll have the 'wow' effect. Always consult with board certified plastic surgeons and check their before and after pictures to make sure that you like the results.
              All the best,
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What size butt implants would look natural on my body?

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This can really only be determined after taking dimensional measurements.  I place the implants within the muscle to reduce the complication rate.

Find a board certified plastic surgeon who performs hundreds of butt augmentation procedures each year. Look for great reviews and great before and after pictures.

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