What Size Would Give Me Natural (Not Fake Looking) Large Breasts? (photo)

I am 5'4 114lbs a small 32 B and a 26in rib cage as well as a large butt. I had a consultation and my doctor recommended 400-450CC high profile saline to achieve a large C to small D. I would be completely happy with a solid D, but wouldn't want to be any bigger. I spoke with his assistant afterwards and she said I should go with 350-375CC and that 450cc would be too much. I want them to be large as I don't want to get the surgery for a subtle change, but do not want them to appear fake.

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Large but natural appearing breasts with augmentation - anatomic gel implants.

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There are many tell tale signs of breast augmentation. Overly full upper breast poles, rippling from implants, and oversized breasts for a woman's chest. High profile saline implants are likely to give you a very "augmented" look, particularly in the 450cc range. For more natural results, I prefer the look of the anatomic gel implants (Sientra and Allergan are available). These are tear drop shaped implants which provide more fullness in the lower pole without creating an obvious shelf in the upper breast. Also, because they are highly cohesive silicone gel, there is much less rippling than you would find with a saline implant.

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Hjow big an implant?

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I agree with the assitant.A 350 cc impalnt will give you a nice D cup.But I would also recommend silicone.Saline would not be my choice.

High Profile implants work well

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I believe you would look stunning with high profile implants in the 400-450 cc range.  However, be careful, high profile saline implants have a much more narrow base diameter than high profile silicone implants.  You may want to sit down with your plastic surgeon and look at the numbers and measurements before surgery.

Good Luck!

400-450 HPSilicone implants should work for you

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Just from evaluating your picture alone, and without personally examining and measuring your breasts/chest, I can tell you that you will probably be happy with the 400 cc HP silicone implants. There is always a range which is sized during surgery so something in that range should be fine.

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Help with breast size decision

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Hi Maui,

Thanks for the post and the pics. I agree with the others here: you are better off with silicone given how thin you are. The thin skin and small frame typically means that the implant will be more easily felt even under the muscle. 

Did you have the opportunity to try on sizers during your consultation? That will help you with the size issue. I agree that the 450 may be closer to a DD size, but in the end, the ONLY factor that really matters, is what YOU think about them. If that's the look you like, go for it. 
You should do the "rice test". place about 15 ounces of dry rice in a ziplok bag and wear that in your bra. that is approximately 450 cc of added volume. Then test it again with 13 ounces. that would be about 390. See which one you like better. I would do the test for a couple HOURS on a weekend. Like test driving a car, the more time you take, the better decision you will make. 
One more thing: don't let family / friends / significant other influence your decision too much. Do this for you. You are the one who will live with the decision 24/7. 
Best to you. 

Natural large Breasts?

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Tough question without an exam, I would recommend silicone because of your smaller current breast size and large implants will thin your skin and saline will very likely ripple, secondly 450cc saline implant is large fro your frame and will probably give you a DD , I would be more conservative and follow the assistants advice. But it is all a matter of personal opinion when it comes to size. Good luck!!

What size implant will give me large, natural appearing breasts

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The width of the implant selected should be based upon your chest wall dimensions.  Once the width has been determined, the final appearance of the breast is based upon the profile of implant selected.  As you move up in profile, eg. from moderate to high, the breast will appear less natural, with more roundness to the upper portion of the breast.  Your final breast appearance will be based upon the size and profile of implant used, in combination with your original breast appearance.

Final implant selection should take into account desired post-operative size and appearance, as well as which implants are appropriate based upon your chest wall dimensions.  A 400cc moderate profile implant will look very different than a 400cc high profile implant.  Review your preferences with your surgeon, and be prepared to decide which is more important to you - larger size or looking more natural.

Good luck.

What CC's Will Give Me Large Natural Breasts

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Sizing is one of the most challenging things me and my staff come up against. I recommend you try on different implant sizers to see what YOU like. In the end that's all that matters. In my opinion, smaller is better from a long term perspective. However, I would't have a practice if I chose my patients sizes. The assistant isn't wrong either. I trust my staff to give their opinions as they are women and all have implants themselves. At the end of the day, you have to live with it and like it.

What Size Would Give Me Natural Large Breasts?

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Thanks for the question. You sound that you believe in the assistant to the surgeon who will not operate on you and you don't believe your PS. This is common with all patient in the process of trying to know who good is your PS. Looking at your images pre op and your post of expectation I will largely trust your PS. Wish you good luck.

Implant choices

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The best way to decide what implant is right for you is to go for an exam and be properly assessed. You can then do a baggy test and see if the volume is right for you before you get them.

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