What Size to Go For? 350cc - 390cc? (photo)

I am so confused what size to go for..for my frame. My current stats: Height: 5'2 , Weight: 95lbs , 32A, 26 years old I was looking in the 300s range but wasn't so sure what will fit my size right. I want to try to get a full C cup possible small D but what size am I suppose to be looking at? I haven't been to any BA consultation yet but I wanted to do some researches before I do. Should I go with a mod + profile or high profile? Please help??

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What Size to Go For? 350cc - 390cc?

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Better to obtain a few in person consults to see where you stand. But my guess is a 400 cc HP implant. 

Choosing breast implant size requires consultation with a plastic surgeon

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Thank you for your question and photographs. Fortunately you have very normal pretty breasts without any sagging or constriction, and thus you should be able to achieve a superb result with breast augmentation if done by an experienced technically if the plastic surgeon.

Proper breast implant sizing requires a consultation with a plastic surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Implant sizing requires specific biometric measurements of your breasts and chest and a breast implant sizing system which allows different sized implants to be placed into your bra can be very helpful. There is also a test you can do at home which is discussed in the link below.

Having said all that my guess is after your research and consultation is done you most likely will be choosing an implant in the 300-350 cc range. Moderate profile plus implants give you a more natural shape then high profile or shaped breast implants. Good luck

Implant size

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There are several variables in determining implant size.  When recommending implant size for my patients, I consider the followings: 1) patients' anatomy (height, weight, chest width, chest height, amount of breast tissue) and 2) patients' desired look/goal.  Without knowing your chest measurement and breast tissue amount, I cannot give you any recommendation.  You should visit with board-certified plastic surgeon who will examine you.  Try implant sizers to get a rough estimate of the size you may want.  As you know, bra/cup size will vary depending on the brand.  Good luck with you.
Dr. Sugene Kim

Implant size is NOT directly and predictably correlated with breast size... there are other variables

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Hi there-

It is important for you to realize that the final appearance you achieve from the placement of any implant is going to depend on the relationship between that implant and your tissues.

In other words, because your skin and tissues (and the technique your surgeon uses) are going to be different that other patients', choosing an implant based solely on your body measurements and your goals is foolhardy.

It would be much more wise for you to spend your time and energy finding the best surgeon you can first. Find someone who's education, training, experience, skill, and talent (look at lots of examples of their work) give you confidence in their ability to approximate your goals.. Then visit for a careful discussion of your goals and an examination, and trust them to guide you along the way.

I think a large part of the reason so many women end up unhappy after their first breast augmentation and need a revision procedure that could have been avoided is because they go about the process in the wrong way- they do what you're doing... Shopping for a procedure and implant size they think they want, and then looking for a surgeon who will do that for them.

Ask yourself this question- if you decided that you wanted a 325cc implant with a high profile based on internet research, and then found someone who was willing to do that on you, but your breasts ended up funny looking, are you going to be happy that you got exactly what you asked for?

Take a big step back and remind yourself that this is surgery. Your best chances of being safe and happy are to find the best surgeon you can FIRST, then carefully communicate your goals and listen to the options available to you. Finding the right professional will maximize your chances of being happy- regardless of the details of the operation the two of you decide on.


Breast augmentation implant size

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Given your petite size and narrow chest diameter with the desire for a D cup I would use Mentor 330 high profile saline and fill to 375cc or go up to the 380 cc implants and fill to 400 range. I would use a one inch arm pit incision and an endoscope. Good luck and please see several board certified plastic surgeons.

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