What size will I end up being and what medicine is good for my incisions?

i had a breast lift alomg with implants.. 550ccs and 580ccs,, saline filled.. before my surgery i was a full 38D,, im 5'10 and weight 165 pounds.. my ps had concerns of going any bigger because of the lift. so he wanted to keep it under 600ccs. my question is when my breast finally drop and the swelling and stiffness are all gone what should i expect in size and position.. also when do the dissovable sutures fall out and what medicine is good for my incisions as far as scars.

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Breast implants over 500 cc should increase your cup size by 2

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Generally speaking and nonscientific method to estimate cup size enlargement with breast implants is that a 200 cc breast implant will increase your cup size by 1 using your current bra size as a starting point.

It is important to ask your plastic surgeon his or her preferred method for treatment of your scars after surgery.  Silicone sheeting and Scar guard are commonly available.  For severe red raised hypertrophic scars 1540 laser treatment can be done.

Bra size shouldn't be the end goal

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When I help my patients choose implant size for breast surgery, I believe that the width of the implant is more important than the volume. If you pick the implant that fits the base width of the breast and then choose low, medium, high or extra high profile based on your desired look after surgery, then the implant volume follows from there. If you want a fuller look, then choose the high profile option that fits your breasts.  With a combination of implants and a breast lift, we usually stay on the conservative size in the implant.  

Without an examination or pictures, it is impossible for anyone to tell you what size you will be or how the implants will sit on your chest.  When you follow up with your plastic surgeon, be sure to raise your concerns and questions.

I hope this helps. Too often I see patients get wrapped up in projected cup size or implant volume that it can lead to picking the wrong size implant.

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