Breast Reduction - Can I Get Any Size I Want?

I am 38 J breast size and looking to have a breast reducation....I have been big breasted all my life........I was wondering if I go to a 38D size.......can that happpen....get the size I want?

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Size after breast reduction

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In general, bra sizes can be misleading as there is little or no standardization across manufacturers and styles.  A breast reduction is a common procedure with high patient satisfaction rates that is the only effective treatment for severe breast enlargement with symptoms (symptomatic macromastic).  Post operative bra sizes are not only determined by the technique and amount of tissues removed, but also by the size and shape of the thorax and the overall relationship between your height and weight.  After consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon, you will receive an estimate of the amount of tissue to be removed and the final bra size.  It should be possible to obtain a D cup result when starting from a J.

Breast Size after Breast Reduction Surgery

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Thank you for your question.

Generally, I would say, "yes" you can let your plastic surgeon know what size you would like to be after your breast reduction surgery and see if he/she feels that they can achieve your goals.  I ask my patients to bring in photos of their "goal size" because a "D cup" may mean something different to you than it does to me.  Photos are a great way to communicate your goals with your surgeon.

Best Wishes!

You can be any size you wish with a breast reduction.

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Women that are heroically large can be as small as they wish after breast reduction.  The magnitude of the reduction might influence technique, but any endpoint is possib.e

A Few Things to Consider Before Having a Breast Reduction

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It is certainly possible that a patient who is a J size can become a D size after breast reduction. When I am discussing size with my patients, I take into consideration their height, weight, width of their shoulders (narrow or broad), and whether they have any excess protrusion of their abdomen. Rather that focus on a preconceived idea of a bra size (B, C or D), it is more important to insure that the breasts balance the rest of the patient's body. It would be a mistake to make a patient's breast so small that their abdomen becomes more prominent. Once I have discussed body type with a patient, we then discuss whether they would like to be on the bigger size or the smaller size. I don't find cup sizes an accurate description for patients as bras sizes are so variable. Instead I try to use adjectives to describe their desired breasts. It I am still uncertain about what is the patient’s ideal, I will ask her to bring me some pictures of her ideal breasts.

Carlin Vickery, MD (retired)
New York Plastic Surgeon

Breast reduction and final size

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The larger you are in terms of cup size, the harder it is to get you really small.  You have to understand that to limit complications, a certain amount of tissue need to remain  attached to the overlying skin and pedicle supplying the nipple areola complex.  A "D" cup may be reasonable.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Reduction - What Size, How Big, etc.

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Hi anon466,

Well, you can ask for more or less an approximate size except for a few things:

1)  It can be hard to guarantee an exact size

2) Not all sizes look good on all people

3) If you go too small you may be sacrificing a nice shape for a specific size

So, my advice is that you discuss this with your plastic surgeon (obviously), let him or her know what you think you'd like, see what he/she has to say about it and, finally, realize that almost anything you have afterwards is going to be a stunning and striking improvement over what you had, and will provide a life-altering relief of symptoms.  With that frame of mind, you'll do great with this surgery.

I hope that this helps, and good luck,

Dr. E

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