What Size Will I Be After Lift and Implants? (photo)

I was a 36c/34 d before undergoing a lift and getting 371 cc silicone Natrelle round implants. I am two weeks out and I am wearing a 36 D sports bra during healing. My husband says I am no bigger. I love my lift, but fear I may end up smaller than before surgery due to the lift. I had hoped to be a full d/dd cup considering the amount of breast tissue I started with. I am 5'2' and 122 lbs. What is your professional opinion about the size?

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What Size Will I Be After Lift and Implants?

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The amount of tissue removed during a lift is usually minimal--in the neighborhood of 15 cc. It would be hard to imagine that you are not considerably larger than you were before surgery. 

I can't see enough in the photo to comment on pre-op size. I would expect at least a one cup size increase with that size of implant. Sagging breasts often appear to be larger than they really are, sometimes by a full cup size. 

Follow up with your surgeon. All the best. 

Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Wait three to four months before assessing results

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You should wait about three to four months before you assess your results. You'll probably be larger with the implants if only a bit of tissue was removed during your breast lift, but it's difficult to say what your final cup size will be. On top of that, cup sizes vary by manufacturer so it may be a DD depending on which bra you wear.

Breast lift....augmentation...size

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  You are very new to the implants and your muscles need time to stretch to allow the implants to push your breast forward into the cup.  Give this time and you will be very surprised to see the changes.

  Also, the final volume does depend upon how much your surgeon took out.  You might ask him/her on this to make sure that you had volume added in total.  For example, you have 371 cc's added and suppose your ps took out 71 gms (cc = gm...generally).  Then you have a considerable addition to your breast size of 300 cc besides your lift attractiveness. 

  Be patient.....all will be fine

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