I Have Size 32J Breasts, Can I Have a Short Scar Breast Reduction?

I am 30, single, no children, 5'7", a muscular 170lbs; my breasts are full with minimal sagging, they are just disproportionate and very heavy! I would like to avoid the scar of an anchor reduction and I'm most concerned that the shape won't look normal! I want to keep what I have, but smaller! How can I get a result and shape I can live with?

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Breast Reduction Technique?

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Thank you for the question.

It sounds like you are dealing with breast hypertrophy along with the physical and psychosocial consequences of this diagnosis. In other words, the breasts are too large for the frame causing  both physical and psychological distress.

It sounds like you have done your homework and understand the potential risk and complications associated with breast reduction surgery, including  abnormal scarring. You should also understand that further surgery may be necessary in the future (for example if the breasts were to grow in size again).

Timing of the breast reduction surgery is  based on  the patient's psychosocial place in life and is a very individual- specific decision.  You must be able to accept the scars (which result from the breast reduction surgery)  in exchange for the improvement in size/contour/position of  the breasts.  Some patients choose to have the breast reduction surgery earlier in life; some patients prefer to wait until they are in mature/stable relationships and/or have completed  having pregnancies.

I would suggest that you be careful  in your selection of plastic surgeon;  do not choose a plastic surgeon based only on a promise of lesser scarring.  You may be disappointed with the results.

I hope this helps.

Breast lift Options

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Measure the distance from the sternal notch to your nipple.

If the distance is larger than 35 centimeters, then an anchor scar is your only choice.

If the distance is from 25 centimeters to 35 centimeters, then you can have a Lejour vertical scar reduction/lift with excellent results. Many doctors just starting to use this technique may not feel comfortable performing this technique with larger breasts, search out a physician with lots of experience in this procedure.

If the distance is 25 centimeters or less, you can have a Lejour or a Goes circumareolar lift/reduction with least amount of scarring.

Robert M. Freund, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Without pictures it is hard to say but it is difficult  to imagine that with a J cup a short scar  breast reduction to reasonable proportions is possible. 

Walter D. Gracia, MD
Fort Worth Plastic Surgeon
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You can have a short scar breast reduction

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If your breast is firm without much sagging a short scar breast reduction should be an option, despite the very large cup size. Younger individuals with good skin elasticity, and a nipple to fold distance that is not too long will do well. We try to avoid the 'T' scar as the scar is only 'hidden' when standing, and the healing and recovery are longer. Not all surgeons are as comfortable with short scar reduction, several opinions might be needed.

Best of luck,


Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Short scar breast reduction for J cup breasts

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When looking at the breasts following breast reduction, the potentially most visible scarring is around the areolae and from the areolae down toward the inframammary fold.  The inframammary scar is never visible from the front, and is actually the least noticeable of the three - one of the reasons that breast augmentations are frequently performed using an inframammary incision.  Starting at a J cup, you are going to need a significant amount of skin removed, and if the procedure is attempted without the inframammary scar, you are going to run a very high risk of having the vertical scar extend below the inframammary fold, making it visible below the breasts in a 2 piece bathing suit.

Good luck.

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Craig S. Rock, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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J cup breasts not good for short scar reduction

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Since the scar you eliminate in a short scar reduction is the one in the crease which is the least visible one, there is no good point in my opinion trying to get a pretty reduction with nice shape and tone without using a full T incision.  Fundamentally, you have a substantial amount of extra skin at a J cup and unless this is properly removed via a T incision you won't get the best longest lasting result.  It is a trade off of shape and size for scar but the scars fade and a poor shape doesn't get better.  So use the proper incision to get the best result.

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