I am thinking about getting butt implants. How Soon Can You Sit After Buttock Implant?

I am thinking about getting butt implants. I had fat transfer over a year ago and my butt is still flat. I have a desk job where I am on the computer a lot (i.e. sitting most of the day). How soon can I return to work after implants where I will have to sit most of the day, I will be able to get up a lot if that is required.

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Sitting after buttock implants

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A two week minimum leave of absence from work is always required following buttock augmentation with implants, three weeks is even better.  For patients with a desk job like yourself, as long as you can stand up for 30 seconds or so every 20 -30 min to relieve the pressure, it is ok to go back to work after two weeks.  Best of luck...RAS

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