In Sister's Nose Job Doctor Cut More Alae from One Side. What Can Be Done to Fix This?

It's the most stupid mistake ever, where the doctor (well known one!!) cut from my sister's nose and obviously did more tissue removal from the left alae. Now the nose look's uneven (nostrils are different and one side is shorter than the other because of too much tissue removed from the left side) and my sister is too depressed about it. We've had her consult several doctors (also well known) but they seem reluctant to help. Is there ANY solution out there for this out-of-the-box situation?

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Uneven nostrils after rhinoplasty

It's hard to put back tissue in the area of alar excisions. To help create more symmetry a staged excision on the other side could be considered, but I would recommend waiting for all the swelling and healing to complete before doing this.

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Nostril asymmetry

There are many possible causes for nostril asymmetry:

  1. Preexisting asymmetry
  2. Septal deviation
  3. Tip asymmetry
  4. Alar collapse/stenosis
  5. Asymmetry in flare
  6. Asymmetry in size


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Uneven nose

Sometimes swelling which has occurred during the procedure may cause some distortion and result in uneven tissue resection on the nostrils. She needs to talk to her surgeon about whether or not doing additional removal will even the result and achieve what she is looking for. 

Michael L. Schwartz, MD
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If she had a RHINOPLASTY and weir resection and now she has uneven nostrils, the uneven nostrils can be caused by many things including removal of tisue more on one side than the other. So an accurate diagnosis of the problem is importat.

Also may be other surgeons do not want to take over the treatment because they may have felt that they can not give you the perfect result. Discuss the issues and options with your plastic surgeon. He/she knows what was done and can discuss options and risks

Samir Shureih, MD
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