Sinus Rinse Wont Go Through?

I am 6 days post op (Rhinoplasty with terminectomy and septoplasty). I wasn't told to sinus rinse until I called today in agony. Pressure, mucus, NO BREATHING, visually swollen tissue in nostrils. I tried the NeilMed rinse but it will not go through. I can feel it in my ears, and it is actively coming out of my mouth. I tried it 3 times in a row. Do I continue or stop?

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You may need your plastic surgeon to take a look inside your nose

Hello Spartan,

Thank you for the question.  It may be best to have your plastic surgeon take a look inside your nose as see if he/she can help get things moving along a little better.  Obviously you will not want to force things yourself since it may cause you pain and depending on what was done it may hurt some of the work done in there.  Its not uncommon to get swelling inside your nose and have it plug up the sinus opening.

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Dr. Remus Repta

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