Single Incision Gastric Band Through the Belly Button

I found a doctor near me who says he's one of the only surgeons that can do Single incision Gastric Band through the belly button. is this a very specialized technique and I should consider this doctor for a minimal scar?

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Single incision weight loss surgery... Is it worth it?

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So far no advantages have been found with single incision laparoscopic surgery.  It is more difficult and takes longer.  Pain is about the same.  The only advantage (somewhat questionable) is that there are fewer incisions.  Since these incisions are quite small anyway and fade out after a few years, many surgeons think this is just a gimmick.  Most worrisome is that because the operation is more difficult, this may translate into more complications.  Since it takes longer, that may also translate into more blood clots.  is it worth it?

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SILS - single incision Lap-Band

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Single incision Lap-Band is a great technique where the only incision is through the belly button.  You need to ask many questions of the surgeon to see if they really perform the surgery this way. Many surgeons advertise single incision but really perform at least 2 incisions to place a liver retractor.  It is important to find a surgeon who has  a large experience with this technique that results in less pain and improved cosmetic results.

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