Upper Blepharoplasty Causes Crows Feet? (photo)

i had my double eyelid revision 3 months ago, and since then i started to notice crows feet. I've compared my recent picture with a picture i took last year(primary surgery), it seems like i didnt have crows feet before this. I'm only 24..could it be that the doctor took out too much fat or because of the the longer incision that is causing this?

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Upper Blepharoplasty Should Not Cause Crows Feet

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An upper blepharoplasty should not cause lines around the lateral eye to develop. The purpose of the upper blepharoplasty is to remove any excess skin/fat to help rejuvenate the upper eyelid. In your case it may be that having the blepharoplasty has taken the focus off your eyelids themselves and putting it on the sides of the eyes. However, when someone does start to develop crow’s feet a great option is Botox which can smooth out those lines whether or not the person has had eyelid surgery. Botox can also be a good option to begin with when you’re young to minimize lines vs. more invasive procedures.


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Without an exam it is very hard to determine what could be going on. Knowing your complete history would give us a better idea of what the problem could be.

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