Triple Fold After Two Double Eyelid Surgeries?

i had double eyelid surgery twice and im not satisfied as it is too high. a surgeon said he can do non excisional method,lower it by making another incision below my current scar and hide the scar under the new double fold (his method of making the scar less visible is treating the layers of skin) and to prevent re-adhesion, he put grafted fats at the old scar. risk is triple fold. my question is, will i get triple fold easily just because i have another scar above my new crease? im an asian 24

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Triple fold after two eyelid surgeries

If you have undergone an Asian blepharoplasty to create a fold and now you have three folds, this is an indication that either a definate attachment of the underlying muscle to the overlying skin was not created or too much fat was removed.  The tissues need a fat layer to glide.  If too much fat is removed this gliding motion is interrupted.  An examination by a plastic surgeon may help.

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