Treat Triple Fold with Spanning Suture?

In a case of triple eyelid, can a spanning suture really compress out the third fold? is this method reliable or widely used? if this method is reliable, then why cant we lower a double eyelid by making another line under the old crease and compress out the scar on top? i'm an asian by the way doctors, please help me out. thank you.

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Triple eyelid or compound kris

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Morning Cherryzz,


yes, a suture technique can help this. And yes the other procedure you describe for lowering increase can help. However, you have to have a physical exam for me to really say for sure. A large percentage of my, Asian eyelid surgery cases are for compound creases or asymmetry. If you are over the age of 30 or even in your late 20s I find the most reliable method is incision technique as it has the longest lasting effect. Bottom line, go to someone who does this frequently and to someone who can show you multiple photographs of patients with your same issue.I'll attach a video that has some examples of such patients.


Chase Lay, MD

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