The Right Method to Lower Double Eyelid?

In Korea, to lower the crease of a double eyelid, many doctor uses the same method which is sliding down retro-orbicularis oculi fat, orbital septum, orbital fats and sutures it with tarsal plate to prevent re-adhesion of double eyelid. My question is, Will sliding down any of the above cause any side effects such as hollowness?

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The Right Method to Lower Double Eyelid?

There are many excellent eyelid surgeons in Korea. Lowering the crease is a difficult process and as with any procedure, there are risks and limits. Careful evaluation of your anatomy will help the surgeon determine any potential side effects from this surgery.

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Lowering Double Eyelid Crease

Unfortunately it is not easy to lower the double eyelid crease so it is important that the crease be created in the right place initially.  However, you are not alone as this is a common request especially for asymmetric creases.  There are a few methods to lowering the eyelid crease and there is no one 'right' method.  It depends on each situation of the creases.  In general there does need to be something to buffer and prevent readhesion of the current crease and fat is commonly used.  Please consult with a board certified specialist who can best assist you in achieving the results you seek.

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