The Kind of Eyes That Gets Triple Fold Easily? (photo)

an asian with sunken eyes and skin shortage after it definite that one will get triple fold easily? im thinking of lowering my double eyelid by cutting a new line below the original crease and prevent the old scar to reattach.i can only consider this technique because i do not have extra skin..but im so afraid that it will give me more trouble because i dont have extra fats that i used to have. attached pic is the procedure described above. old scar is hidden under the new one

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Revising asian eyelid surgery

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dear Cherry,


I've seen your other posts on and I have to tell you you're not going to get a good solid answer with those photographs from anyone online. Revising your crease can be done by you simply have to go get a number of consultations in person with people who perform the surgery frequently. If you're ever in town from what looks like Singapore I would be happy to see you and give you my opinion. Your concerns about things being worse or not improving after surgery are legitimate and there are risks but you really need to get several in-person consultations. It not going to find the good clear answers you're looking for in this case. I have patients from all around the world and ID speak with them over Skype at times.


best of luck


Chase Lay, MD

Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon
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