I'm 16 yrs old this year. When should I get a lower Blepharoplasty(?)

I'm 16 this year and of Asian decent. I have fat pads under my eyes that reach under my cheekbones and feel horribly heavy. They make me look really old and haggard. Which age do you think is appropriate for me to go under the knife to remove them? Would fillers help or would they make it feel heavier? Help please.

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Fillers Work Well For Under Eye Bags, Hollows, Tear Trough, & Volume Restoration

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Without a photo it is really hard to comment specifically. In general terms, however, if the "fat pads" you are referring to, and the old and haggard look you describe, relate to loss of volume in the medial (on the side of the nose) and lateral cheeks (toward the cheek bones), and you have bags under the eyes and tear trough formation, then nonsurgical--i.e. no cutting, no stitches, and little or no downtime--rejuvenation with fillers for the tear troughs and to camouflage the bags would be in order. If volume loss in the cheek region below the lower lids is playing a role in loss of tissue support and sagging, then nonsurgical treatment via the injection of volumizing fillers might be a viable non-cutting option for restoring the appropriate, more youthful lift and projection that sounds like it might be needed here.

Your best bet would be a  consultation with a board certified core aesthetic physician to determine if you are a candidate for these approaches. If so, each of these techniques can be performed in about ten to fifteen minutes and most often engender an immediate "Wow!" response. 

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