Trackline on face after fractional co2 or eco2. (photos)

after the 2nd pass which stop at mid of my cheek because most of the open pores on inner cheek. i had this horrible dents like a cut. before co2, is just a fine flat white line. i followed by ematrix 2 timesbut no results.

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Best Treatment for Scars in Asian Skin

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Thank you for posting your photos.  It sounds like you may need further treatments with the eMatrix to help these scars.  You should also research Sculptra injections since this will help produce new collagen and improve the scars as well.  Please consult a board certified dermatologist who has experience with lasers and Asian skin.  Best, Dr. Green

Grids with fractional energy devices are uncommon, but can be treated

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I have seen quite a few of these cases with both Fractional lasers and with eMatrix. In some cases they settle over time (12 months), in other cases they can be treated with other lasers. 

For type one - two skin (fair skin patients) I usually use erbium laser as my preferred option. However if you do have darker skin type, possibly low dose but high density 1927 Fraxel laser can repair that damage. The reason I suggest Fraxel 1927, is that the fractional holes it delivers are small, and if one does a high density pass, it can reduce pore size, or in your case grids. 

I hope this helps,

Dr Davin Lim
Laser Dermatologist

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