Is TCA Cross or Laser Resurfacing better for my scars? (photos)

My ice pick scars has gotten wider but shallower through various chemical peels and 2 mixto laser so i was wondering should i just carry on with lasers or do tca cross instead? Lasers are quite expensive and i'm afraid if my scars keep on getting wider. But I'm not so sure if my scars are deep and narrow enough to be able to do tca cross. The black marks are from test patches of tca cross 70% and i have a few spots with acne sometimes.

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Treat acne, TCA CROSS, INFINI RF with PRP

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The answer is not straight forward... you do have active acne. I suggest seeing a dermatologist to clear this up. I personally would use different METHOD for your scar revision. The best person in Singapore is Prof CL GOH- one the leading dermatologist Worldwide.  All the best, Dr Davin Lim. Brisbane. Australia. 

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