What is the solution to correct my smile? (Photo)

Hi, i have a problem with my smile. It barely shows any teeth when i smile, (except when i force my smile). I have a thicker upper lip than the bottom one. My teeth are normal, not too small. What should i do about my smile? Thanks.

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What is the solution to correct my smile? (Photo)

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You do need a consult for smile make over procedure. If you want to show more teeth, you need to lengthen your teeth. To lengthen teeth you need to see a cosmetic dentist to give you options after the dentist evaluates your teeth, smile from the sides and especially your BITE, or occlusion.

It is possible to lengthen teeth with dental bonding, or porcelain veneers! However possibility of orthodontics always exist if you do not want to have bonding nor veneers.

You do need a complete evaluation, prior to having a smile make over.

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