Does this shadowing indicate that I have an open roof? (photo)

I had a very narrow nasal bone (typical Caucasian nose) with a little hump and a fairly good tip. My PS said I would not need osteotomy for him to shave down the slight bump. Although I am 65% happy with the "bump removal" in some lighting/shadows I can see it is not fully straight like before. In the middle where it is slightly curved in the photo it feels wider than the tip area and bridge. What are my options?

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Open roof after Nasal hump removal?

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Based on this small photograph, it does not look like you have an open room deformity  but there is a concavity at the "Keystone" region where the nasal bone ends and the upper lateral Cartlidge begins. This is evident on the left side ( right side of the photograph) and represents a discontinous transition from the nasal bone in to the middle vault. This can be associated with breathing difficulties on inspiration as well as impart a curved  appearance to the nose (even though the septum and nose is essentially straight). If you do not have difficulty breathing, and off-the-shelf filler will be an ideal correction to this area. You could start off with a temporary filler and if you like that convert to a permanent filler such as Bellafill ® . Otherwise, a spreader graft will need to be  placed in the area between the septum and upper lateral cartilage through a separate surgery.   Consult with your plastic surgeon to get further details.

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