Why have I had no results from one treatment of IPL?

I had some freckles/sun damage removed with Ellipse performed by a Dr/Dermatologist 2 weeks ago. No peeling, nothing. I also have some stubborn freckles on my arm but I am worried that if I spend the $ on IPL on my arms, there will be no success.

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Only one IPL treatment

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Thank you for your question bellelewis1. IPL is a great treatment to address freckles and sun damage on the skin. Most people require anywhere from three to six initial treatments After this maintenance treatments are recommended once every three to six months. It can take up to four weeks to see improvement with IPL treatments.
There is a narrow therapeutic window for IPL treatments, if the settings are too high patients can blister or burn and if they are too low sometimes improvement is not seen. So I usually start with conservative settings and so stronger with each treatment if there were no adverse reactions. Please speak with your doctor for specific recommendations. Good luck!

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