Residual Epicanthal Fold. Why is it still there? (photos)

I have underwent double eyelid surgery (suture method) and Epicanthoplasty. 1) I still see Residual Epicanthal Fold.(3 weeks post surgery) I don't think it would disappear even after swelling subsides. This is my assumption. Would be great to hear from Doctors on this situation. Will this be permanent? 2) My doctor has stitched two different height of crease. What happened here?? Would a revision need to be made? (For both situations) Thank you Doctors!

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Still Swollen

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Hi Acaibowl19,

Try not to worry.  At three weeks the results are still subject to a good amount of swelling.  I counsel patients frequently that there is ALWAYS some asymmetry in the firs month or 6 weeks post eye surgery.  The only certain thing about your results at this point is that they're not complete.  Swelling also always subsides on one side faster than the other (for some unknown reason).  Speak to your plastic surgeon.  Also notice that on the first week, your eyes were quite symmetric in their fold placement.  As for the epicanthal fold that persists - again I would speak to your plastic surgeon.  If the skin there isn't lying down optimally as you and he/she would like, massage may be a good tool to help the scar lengthen a little and get into the position you want.  Best of luck!

Dr. Jespersen

Fairfax Plastic Surgeon
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