Would I need a nasal osteotomy?

I had a very narrow nasal bone (typical Caucasian nose) with a little hump and a fairly good tip. My PS said I would not need osteotomy for him to shave down the slight bump. Although I am 65% happy with the "bump removal" in some lighting/shadows I can see it is not fully straight like before. What are my options? Have a full rhinoplasty including osteotomy and taking down more hump and cartilage in 6-12 months or just osteotomy with a septoplasty as my septum is slightly deviated.

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Nasal Osteotomy

By your description a nasal osteotomy seems like it would be needed. But you have to submit pictures to get a more informed opinion of your revisional rhinoplasty needs.

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Your question can only be answered after a full consultation by an expert in rhinoplasty. We also cannot even understand what the issues are without good clinical photographs.

Dennis Barek, MD
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