Can this Mongolian birthmark be removed completely or reduced drastically? What are the treatments available for it? (photo)

I have this big mongolian birthmark on the left side of my back since birth, it stretches all the way to my left collarbone area and shoulder. It has definitely grown bigger and slightly lighter as I grew older however it does not go away on it's own. I have very low self confidence because of it and have never ever worn any sleeveless or bareback tops in my life. I would like to seek treatment for it so it would be great if any doctors can let me know what are the options I have for treating this!

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Dermal melanocytosis- Ito?

See a dermatologist for this - either Prof. CL GOH or Dr Joyce Lim. You may benefit from laser. Prof Goh has a PIcoway 1064 laser, and this MAYBE useful. A test patch maybe needed, and with the size, it may take many many treatments over the years. This is a form of dermal melanocytosis. All the best, Dr Davin Lim. Brisbane, Australia. 

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