Can I get this mole removed on my chest with a small scar? (Photo)

I realize there will be some scaring with any surgery. I would be happy with flap pink scarring but not keloid. Is this possible? It's a pink mole on my chest. I am Caucasian and do not scar badly as I've had other mole removal.

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Mole on the chest

Thank you for your question.  If the mole has not changed, has no symptoms, and looks normal I recommend keeping it.  It is possible to numb the area and complete a shave biopsy to have the area flat.  However, the chest is one of the worst places to biopsy cosmetically.  There is a high risk of an elevated scar (hypertrophic scar) due to the constant pull of the breasts on that skin.  Also, a white scar would be more noticeable in that area.  From you photo it looks like you do not tan and I think you would heal well.  However, there is no guarantee that you would not develop a scar that looks worse than the mole.  I wish you the best!

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