Male with ehler-danlos brow/upper eye congestion - how to avoid feminized appearance?

I have Ehler-danios so my brow and upper eye is elastic and saggy. It obstructs my visual field causing frontalis overaction which makes me look surprised/feminized and causes constant headaches. 1. What is the ideal male brow height for a masculine look? 2. How does one determine the amount needed for excision if there is constant frontalis overaction even at rest? 3. I'm guessing a combination of both brow and eyelid work would be the best?

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It is possible for you to have surgery.

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You have two hurtles.

1. You have Ehler-Danlos syndrome which does not make surgery impossible but it can affect the outcome of surgery particularly if you have the vascular variant.

2. You need to find a surgeon who understands what you are looking for in surgery and can adjust surgery to your genetic disease.

Regarding your specifics of surgery, there is no substitute for a personal consultation.  Surgery must be individualized.  You may benefit from a combination of forehead and eyelid surgery.  Less is more.  A photograph would be very helpful to be more specific.

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