How long should I wait for add Juvederm/restylane filler after removing L-shaped nose implant?

i just had rhino 4months ago(L-shaped implant for bridge+ear cartilage for tip) 2 months ago i bumped my nose and had to remove my implant (he didn't take cartilage out from my nose tip). my doctor told me to do the revision 3-6months from now use I-shaped implant(he told me there's no need to take new ear cartilage/nasal septum for my tip). Is it okay? But i'm planning to do revision rhino 2 years from now use cartilage How long should i wait if i want add juvederm filler before my revision?

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After implant removed from nose, when can I inject filler?

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This is case dependent. You need to discuss this with your surgeon. The vascularity is compromised and this question is something that needs better attention then a question online. It requires an evaluation and better knowledge of case. In general, injections of the nose have high risk for vascular compromise and should only be done by experts.

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Nasal filler

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I would wait until the swelling subsides and you can see the issues then you can fill it as needed. If you use filler too early when the swelling subsides, you may not like the appearance!

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