Can Latisse be used for hyperpigmentation?

I accidentally saw some replies that latisse could be used to hyperpigment the scar on hypopigmented areas. If I use that drug with fractional ablative laser or microneedling device, would that method works for the white scar??(my scar is hypopigmented, surgical stitched scar) and how should I use latisse to work for it??

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Latisse for hypopigmented scar

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Hyperpigmentation is an occasional side effect of Latisse, but not often. When it happens, it doesn't simply cause pigmentation where it is painted on. There is generalized increased pigmentation to the area around where it was applied. So in the unlikely event that you are one who experiences the hyperpigmenting side effect of Latisse, it won't confine itself to the scar. It will cause pigmentation around the area. Furthermore, the reason the scar is white, is that there are no pigment-creating cells (melanocytes) in the scar, so no amount of hyperpigmenting treatment will increase the pigment output because of the lack of melanocytes.

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