Done my revision 8 months ago but the result is to tight so the scars still bruised and there are many failure. Advice? (photo)

i've done my revision 8 months ago, the result is to tight so the scars still bruised, my sclera shows caused they took to much the excess skin, if i close my eyes they aren't completely close and when i am sleeping they wont shut down but opened wider, somehow it is definitely open while sleeping. there is a bump like a pinched on the corner, and the lid is visible where they've another lid. my doctor said definitely it's a scars and have to wait a year to see the result. what should i do?

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I suspect there is an issue with how your eyelid surgery was designed.

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You have been very patient waiting 8 months.  It should be clear that the upper eyelid fold is not doing what is should.  It is reasonable to seek other opinions regarding further options for the eyelid.

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