I have a mole on my chest. It is an "eraser" in size. What are the best ways to remove it? (photo)

My doctor recommend me to remove it as i have removed a large mole near my back waist (bigger than this) but no keloid was formed. Instead, the area only became darker in colour with a slightly protruding scar which is not very obvious. I also removed a protruding mole near my underarm and it recovered well without any scars. Will it be likely that my chest area will form keloid?

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Will this scar heal ok?

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The chest is more thin-skinned than other areas. If you aren't prone to keloid scarring then most likely this would not occur there either, but it may not be quite as clean as the other areas simply because there is thinner skin there and it's a bit harder to hide the removal spot. Overall, a tiny mark would look much better than the large dark brown spot there though. A shave excision is most likely what I would do, but it's hard to say that exactly without an in-person exam. Make sure you follow good postcare!

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